Bidding Actions

See CollateralBidActions.sol, DebtBidActions.sol, SurplusBidActions.sol and PostSettlementSurplusBidActions.sol for more details.

1. Introduction

These contracts serve as the interaction layer between users and the auction houses responsible for handling collateral liquidations, debt auctions, and surplus auctions respectively.

2. Contract Details

Key Methods:

  • buyCollateral: Allows users to bid on collateral auctions.
  • decreaseSoldAmount: Allows users to bid on debt auctions.
  • increaseBidSize: Allows users to bid on surplus auctions.
  • settleAuction: Settles an auction and withraws the corresponding funds to the user's account.

3. Key Mechanisms & Concepts

4. Gotchas

5. Failure Modes