See FactoryChild.sol for more details.

1. Introduction

This abstract contract is inherited by all contracts that are deployed through a factory. It provides a reference to the parent factory.

2. Contract Details

Key Methods:

  • factory: Returns the parent factory.

3. Key Mechanisms & Concepts

The rationale behind this contract is to provide a way of extending contracts that are standalone deployable, to be deployed through a factory. Contracts that are factory deployed can also implement other factory related utils, such as AuthorizableChild or DisableableChild.

4. Gotchas


Contracts which only change from the standalone version is the constructor routine should not create a new instance of the contract, but be considered as another child implementation of the same contract. This is the case of the CollateralJoinDelegatableChild, which is a child implementation of the CollateralJoin contract, that calls the ERC20Votes.delegate method on constructor.

5. Failure Modes