Post Settlement Surplus Auction House

See PostSettlmentSurplusAuctionHouse.sol for more details.

1. Introduction

The Post Settlement Surplus Auction House is responsible for auctioning off the surplus coins the system has after the global settlement is triggered. The auctions resemble the Surplus Auction House auctions, with the difference that all of the protocol tokens are burned.

2. Contract Details

Key Methods:


  • increaseBidSize: Allows users to bid on the auctions, protocol tokens are transferred in this call.
  • restartAuction: Restarts an auction that expired with no bids.
  • settleAuction: Settles an auction, sending the system coins to the winning bidder.


  • startAuction: Starts a new surplus auction.

3. Key Mechanisms & Concepts

4. Gotchas

5. Failure Modes